Contribution Guide

The wealth of knowledge and references which Ben originally collected for this archive were what originally drew us to re-creating the site. However, it is clear that no one person (however dedicated) can hope to maintain such a wealth of information. In addition, science fiction is, gladly, a living genre which constantly creates more and more work. On the subject of anarchism too, even as we grow more distant from the New Wave of Science Fiction which sparked new interest in the political idea, the work continues to grow. In order to keep the archive fresh and perhaps to grow it even more, we need help!

How Can You Contribute?

There are two mains ways to contribute to the site:

1) GitHub. This is our preferred method of contribution, since it's visible to all and traceable. The site's repository can be found here. Please see the readme file for more information on opening Pull Requests and Issues.

2) Email. If you're not comfortable with using GitHub (you should try, it's pretty easy!) you can email Eden Kupermintz. Please make sure to be as specific as possible: which entry would you like to improve, what would you like to add to it, and so on. This will help us respond quickly and accurately.

Please note that anarchySF operates under the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms. You can find the Code of Conduct here. All violations should be reported to Eden Kupermintz

What Can You Do To Help?

1) Contribute new articles! Science fiction is vast and there's more of it than any one of us can read alone. Is there a book you've read or movie you've watched which you think belongs in this archive? Add it! You can also go over our Works for Consideration list (which can also be contributed to) and pick something from there. But it doesn't have to be on that list; feel free to add entries from your own fields of knowledge and reading history.

2) Edit existing articles! The archive has been around for a long time now. Things might have gotten outdated or mistakes made in the original text and never fixed. These can include simple things like typos or bad references but can also include limited commentary, very opinionated ideas or a one-sided perspective. You can help by editing these articles, suggesting changes for how they might be improved, from complete re-writes to typo fixes and the such.

3) Overall website design! We built this site using conventional web design and development norms but no developer is perfect (and we're far from it). Are there issues with responsiveness? Can you think of a better color scheme? Can something about how the site is built be improved? Let us know! CSS, HTML, JS, anything in the code that can be improved would be greatly appreciated.

Before contributing on GitHub, refer to the readme file for more information on the file structure on the site
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